Iron Man Mini Seatbelt Keychain

Iron Man Mini Seatbelt Keychain

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Measuring 4" high and 1" across, this little Iron Man keychain features a snapping, belt-loop strap as well as 2 keyrings attached to a seatbelt-style buckle that detaches after pressing the Iron Man adorned button! Thank you, Stark Resilient! Anyway, this unique, quality Iron Man keychain is great if you happen to like Iron Man, bleeding edge Stark Resilient technology and....uh....Iron Man. And keys.

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  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Iron Man Mini Seatbelt Keychain

submitted 5 years ago

A lot smaller than I expected honestly, but works exactly how I wanted it to with no problems whatsoever. I'm had for longer than a month now and use it everyday.