Iron Man Dog Collar
Iron Man Dog Collar- Unlocked View
Iron Man Dog Collar- Close Up
Iron Man Dog CollarIron Man Dog Collar- Unlocked ViewIron Man Dog Collar- Close Up

Iron Man Dog Collar

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Check out this sturdy, high quality dog collar adorned with classic images of Iron Man in action! This Iron Man dog collar also features a seatbelt-style buckle that allows for easy separation with the press of a button! And OH! That button just happens to be adorned with Iron Man's Iron noggin! Ooooh, and you can see Tony Stark's teeth gritting just behind the faceplate; through that mouth portal-thing. Yup. Anyway, this resilient (no pun intended) Iron Man dog collar also features a thick, metal ring for dog leash attachment! Now, if only Stark would make those techno-organic dogs of his available for the average consumer....

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  • Color: Yellow
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Iron Man Dog Collar

Mystic, CT
submitted 6 years ago

I just ordered the ironman one, but I can tell you they are great collars because I already have a marvel super hero one and a spider man one in a smaller sizes. But our puppy is getting to big for the marvel one and out grew the spider one a while ago so time to get a collar that fits him (he's almost full grown so we can safely purchase a large collar now knowing it will fit) seeing that he was named Tony Stark and it would be silly to get any other collar for his grown up hopefully forever collar. These collars are nice and sturdy and the images are nice and bright and easy to see. Not cheesy looking at all. They have also taken a lot of puppy abuse with no fraying, which is also awesome seeing that I have already purchased quiet a few leases that have frayed and have very short lives. My only complaint about the collar is it's kinda a pain to adjust, but that's not even a total complaint seeing we have a growing puppy and most people are not going to be adjusting their dog's collar once a week(and you really don't want it to be too easy to adjust so the dog doesn't get out of their collar).