Iron Man a New Hero Revealed Men's T-Shirt

$20.99 Reg.$24.99

Iron Man a New Hero Revealed Men's T-Shirt

$20.99 Reg.$24.99


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This is what happens when you're too drunk to be Iron Man.

Your crippling alcoholism finally took its toll -- Stark Industries was the victim of a successful -- and very hostile -- takeover led by Obadiah Stane, the CEO of Stane International.

After this unfathomable humiliation, you fed your guilt a constant diet of vodka and Jack Daniels, willfully abdicating your role as Iron Man and preferring drunken homelessness to any reminders of your catastrophic failures.

But Iron Man is more than Tony Stark's gold and glistening future-suit -- it's an ideal as impervious as its bleeding-edge super-alloys. 

Because the world still needs the Golden Avenger -- because the world still needs Iron Man -- James Rhodes accepted the mantle and adorned himself in Repulsor-powered super-tech.

Made from a soft blend of polyester and cotton, our Iron Man a New Hero Revealed Men's T-Shirt features the cover image to Iron Man #170 -- this issue marked the beginning of James Rhodes' tenure as Iron Man.

Rendered in a soft, heather-blue material, this Iron Man t-shirt for men -- with a striking cover by Luke McDonnell -- harkens back to a comic book masterpiece detailing the tragic fall of Tony Stark.


Yes, this Iron Man tee features a marbling or "heather" effect created through the interweaving of lighter and darker threading -- in this case, the blending of blue and white material.

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