Joker Funko Force Bobble Head

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There are 3 people in this world that hold that title of King Crazy; Gary Busey, Charlie Sheen, and the Joker. If you got caught in the same room with the three of them you would never be the same. Matter of fact, they could probably bump up that list to four because that sort of insanity is infectious to say the least. All of them are in on 'the Joke' but the Joker is the only one that really takes it to the next level. Charlie Sheen is getting close with that Tiger's Blood, which is what I think the Joker ended up getting dipped into and becoming the Joker. Oh well. At least at 5 inches tall this Joker Funko Force Bobble Head can't make you too crazy - just slightly crazy. Madness, as they say, is like gravity! All you need is a little push.

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