Joker Funko Lanyard
Joker Funko Lanyard - Close Up
Joker Funko Lanyard - Lanyard Detail
Joker Funko LanyardJoker Funko Lanyard - Close UpJoker Funko Lanyard - Lanyard Detail

Joker Funko Lanyard

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The Joker doesn't like people taking things seriously, and work is one thing he most assuredly doesn't care much for. Unless by work I'm talking about setting up giant psychological scenarios designed to turn good people bad and bad people good. That's a honest day's work, right? Either way, you may want to let your coworkers know how you feel by donning this Joker Funko Lanyard! With a 4.5 inch high by 2.75 inch wide card sleeve and a necklace showing our dear Clown Prince of Crime and logo in diabetically sweet cuteness! Best of both worlds, no?

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  • Sku: lanyardjokerfunko
  • Color: White
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Joker Funko Lanyard

submitted 6 years ago

This lanyard is freakin' awesome. I never had one with the Joker and its like cartoon with his eyes going all crazy. I wear to college and the chicks like the lil' Joker.