Joker Collage Men's High Top Sneakers

$20.99 Reg.$43.99


Joker Collage Men's High Top Sneakers

$20.99 Reg.$43.99


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Is your Joker-themed costume lacking the appropriately insane active footwear?

Hmmm. This sounds like a dilemma considering you went to a lot of trouble acquiring a purple tuxedo, and bleaching your skin with an illegal compound "procured" from Ace Chemicals.

Well, allow us to grant you the final piece(s) of your dapper, Joker-themed murder-wear with our fashionable pair of Joker Collage Men's High Top Sneakers!

Made from a combination of man-made materials, these Joker high-top sneakers for men feature a hastily sketched, black and white pattern of Joker playing cards filled with images of a ghastly, grimacing, and straight jacket-wrapped Joker!

Is that a smiling letter "J"?

Why, yes, it is! Outlined in green, this black Joker "J" features a menacing grin and curling crop of crazy hair-bits.

Behind the thick black laces, the sneakers transition from card pattern to solid black, accented by a gray splattering distributed chaotically along the smooth, canvas-like surface.

With thick black soles etched with deeply grooved traction lines, these Joker high tops are incredibly stylish, athletically inclined, and given to spurts of psychotic cackling!

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Reviews of Joker Collage Men's High Top Sneakers

4.0 (Based on 1 reviews)

The shoes look better than in the pics. However they do run narrow, more so than Converse all stars.

Submitted 2 years ago

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