Joker Head Sticker


Joker Head Sticker

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Looking at this 4.5 inch high by 3.5 inch wide Joker Head Sticker, one comes to realize that the Joker would make a convincing used car salesmen. It is the kind of face that says 'Yes, trust me with your children, your valuables, and your weapons. I'll bring them all back in one piece'. It is the kind of face that would be really great at politics. Take heed - the Joker is perfect for you anti-establishment folks! We all know how the Joker Head Sticker feels about rules.

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  • Sku: stickjokerhead
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Gift Bag

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Sacramento, CA

Obviously not designed for outdoor use. Do not get it wet. Looks really cool, however, didn't last long response:

That is correct, it is not an outdoor sticker, we do not advertise it as such. It's not meant to stand up to the elements.