Joker by Jim Lee Variant Cover Men's T-Shirt


Joker by Jim Lee Variant Cover Men's T-Shirt


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Because you're still beautiful, regardless of consecutive life sentences.

Should a life (or a week, or a day) in prison keep one from looking and feeling their best? Absolutely not!

The Joker, regardless of his past, present, and dependably recurring internment, will always make time to freshen those lips and darken those thick, batting lashes. Why?

  • Because he'll be free in fifteen minutes.
  • Because the perfect crime is 98% presentation.

Made from 100% cotton, our Joker by Jim Lee Variant Cover Men's T-Shirt -- illustrated by legendary comic book artist Jim Lee -- features the variant cover image to Dark Knight III: The Master Race #4.

What's Dark Knight III: The Master Race?

This is writer/artist Frank Miller's third Dark Knight series focusing on a post-retirement Batman taking on inconceivable threats with leg braces and a bad ticker.

This volume's 'big bad'? That would be the recently upsized Kryptonian citizens of Kandor -- right, the once-miniature, bottled city of Kandor.

Apparently, a good portion of the citizenry supports a magnetic religious zealot who, after being freed (along with his devout army of zealots), demands Earth's fealty. Violently.

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