$21.99 Reg.$24.99
Joker Face Skinned T-Shirt
Joker Face Skinned T-Shirt - Close Up
Joker Face Skinned T-ShirtJoker Face Skinned T-Shirt - Close Up

Joker Face Skinned T-Shirt

$21.99 Reg.$24.99
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Ah, checking out this creepy 100% cotton Joker Face Skinned T-Shirt reminds me of that great movie that starred the Joker, Nick Cage, and John Travolta. It was during the late 90s and the high octane action flicks. This particular movie had the Batman switching faces with the Joker in order to stop the living actors from spreading a terrible story about bad sci fi that will one day become a religion. Wait...is that right? Sure. Why not! Yes, the 100% cotton Joker Face Skinned T-Shirt actually features that disembodied Joker face staked to the wall and comes from DC Comics' New 52! FACE....OFF? Sorry about that. Those movie references just kind of sneak in there.

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  • Sku: tsjokfaceskinned
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Joker Face Skinned T-Shirt

London, Ontario, Canada
submitted 4 years ago

Great fit. Good quality shirt. Gruesome picture of the face of Joker.

red wolf
Denver, CO
submitted 4 years ago

even if your not a joker fan you will love this shirt. love seeing peoples reactions to this. I think this is one of the coolest, sickest, and best joker tee out there. wish it was on the back side also. it's definitely a conversation starter. one of my favorites.

Batman comic fan
Modesto, CA
submitted 5 years ago

My husband completely loved the shirt!! And it's a great material

Evansville, IN
submitted 5 years ago

Very good product.

Michael Ritter
Seattle, WA
submitted 5 years ago

i love how this site offers images from comics that you cant find anywhere else. it makes the site super unique and differentiates itself from all other sites.

Kansas City
submitted 5 years ago

It fits and it creeped out several people the other day when i told them how cute i thought it was when in reality its dead sexy . It reminds me of Ed Gein but beautiful .

submitted 5 years ago

My husband loved his Xmas present.

Zürich, Switzerland
submitted 5 years ago

This shirt is one of the best I have ever bought Was searching a long time for this Really cool

submitted 6 years ago

Wonderful ! This one is for Real ! I love the Dark side of Bruce Wane !

submitted 6 years ago

love the shirt not some floopy thin tee thats gonna fall apart on you.

submitted 6 years ago

This shirt is so sick, Joker's horrifying face skinned smiling right at you. This picture shows his true side, always bloody an inch from death..