Joker's Batman Campfire Story Men's T-Shirt

$8.99 Reg.$21.99

Joker's Batman Campfire Story Men's T-Shirt

$8.99 Reg.$21.99

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This black, Joker's Batman Campfire Story Men's T-Shirt features surprisingly huggable renditions of three preeminent Batman rogues -- Harley Quinn, Joker, and Catwoman -- as they share their terrifying Batman encounters over a campfire.

Yes, we're telling you this 100% cotton Batman t-shirt is a regular occurrence -- a rightfully terrified Joker, Catwoman and Harley Quinn break out the trailer....and go camping.

When they sit around a campfire and roast hot dogs/s'mores/bacon, they share harrowing tales of Batman's lingering, ominous presence long after he stymies nefarious plots.

This unique Batman t-shirt flips the role of "villain" based on twisted perspectives, and validates Batman's position on utilizing fear to paralyze his enemies.

Basically, if you're using Batman's ghostly visage to terrify your co-conspirators, I would say Batman's intimidation factor precedes him.

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