Justice League Comic Panel Boxer Briefs

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1.0Justice League Boxer briefs09/20/2013

Bought a size small way to small cant get them over my butt. Then i bought a size large thinking they would fit. Boy was i surprised Way TOO Big. Very disappointed. Wish someone Would leave customers know what true size they are Before they order them. response:

Sorry to hear you had issues with the sizing. Please contact our customer service team and we will gladly help you with this.

Watford, UK
1.0Justice League underwear are pants !06/28/2013

Bought 3 different items of underwear, all the same size but these were a really bad shape and did n't fit at all. Not worth the postage sending them back from the UK. response:

Sorry to hear that, we appreciate the feedback and will make sure the rest of the team knows. Thanks for your purchase!

5.0Cool colours!06/20/2013

Would purchase a bigger size next time as the bands around the leg were a little tight.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Victoria, Australia
1.0Very small fit06/06/2013

It would be useful to customers if you would mention if an item is a small or large fit, not just what they're made out of since this does not tell a customer much. My partner is a medium in all your underwear but could not get this pair past his legs. Now we can not return them or do anything with them. response:

Sorry to hear that, we do list the waist measurements in our sizing chart. I will pass this on to our team to review. Thanks for the feedback.

Hope, IN
1.0Sized improperly06/01/2013

This item was not sized properly...too small to wear...and with it being underwear, I could not return for larger size... response:

Sorry to hear that but thank for the feedback. It is appreciated!