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DC Heroes Costumes Coaster Set AllDC Heroes Costumes Coaster Set SupermanDC Heroes Costumes Coaster Set BatmanDC Heroes Costumes Coaster Set Green LanternDC Heroes Costumes Coaster Set Wonder Woman
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Our DC Heroes Costumes Coaster Set includes four 4 inch x 4 inch square glass coasters that, in three of the cases, allow you to rest your drink on the costume of one of DC Comics' iconic superheroes! Green Lantern was either too pompous ("You're not a real hero, Batman! You don't have powers! Waaaaaah!") or too busy hanging with aliens (not simple folk like Jim Gordon or Steve Trevor) to donate his costume to the cause, though I think we can all agree that his symbol alone adequately represents the space cop. But with the other three coasters, this is your chance to rest the glass of your choice (if its base is no bigger than 4"x4", that is) right there on Batman or Superman's sternum. Or Wonder Woman's...belt! Try to contain the melee when your guests start scufflin' over who gets which of these DC Heroes Costumes Coasters!

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5.0Coasters! 10/24/2012

We love these coasters because they are very retro! They are great for everyday use and clean up easily.

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.