Justice League of America DJ Style Headphones

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The Justice League knows how to throw a party. Superman makes sure nobody gets hurt, Green Lantern can make all sorts of party games like twister or pin the tail on the donkey, the Flash makes sure all of the party supplies are completely stocked up, Wonder Woman makes sure everybody stays happy and friendly, and Batman shows up fashionably late. That Batman...always late! Based on the aforementioned characters, these great Justice League of America DJ Style Headphones feature high quality sound, leather padded earcups, large drivers for a strong bass response, a swivel mechanism for single-ear monitoring, inline volume control, a silver-plated 3.5mm plug and...as a bonus....a headphone splitter! It is almost too much to handle, isn't it?

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Literally the second I put the headphones on, for the first time, the left head phone partially popped out of its holder. I managed to fix it with a twisty tie, and it's held up well, but it was a bit of a rude awakening. However, the soung quality is fan-TASTIC.

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.