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HeroBox Justice League Edition

HeroBox Justice League Edition

HeroBox Justice League Edition

Silver Edition
Gold Edition
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November 17th

While DC Comics is uniting seven (or maybe just six) of our favorite DC heroes on the screen in this fall’s Justice League movie, we’ll be uniting them in this limited run HeroBox.  It only seems appropriate that we build our own Mother Box and stuff it to its mysterious brim with an overflowing array of mystery apparel and accessories.

So celebrate a battle for the ages as Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg, and possibly a mustachioed Superman take down that ugly-looking Steppenwolf (hopefully) with a HeroBox for the ages.  A good value and great fun…what more can one ask for?

Choose Your Box Level

Silver Edition $49 Value of $70+

  • Justice League T-Shirt
  • Flash-y Apparel
  • Wonder-ful Accessories
  • Mystery gear from Gotham & Metropolis

Gold Edition $69 Value of $100+

Includes everything from the Silver Edition PLUS an additional $30+ worth of Justice League apparel and accessories.


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HeroBox Justice League Edition


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