Justice League Movie Pen 2-Pack

Justice League Movie Pen 2-Pack

  • Go ahead. Admit it. You liked the movie. Don't worry -- so did we.
  • Two-pack of 'Justice League' pens based on the hit film.
  • Features 0.7mm points.
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After seeing 'Justice League' in theaters, you really needed to write down your feelings.

You liked it, but, well... there were issues. Serious issues. Superman's grin was unnerving, the humor was forced (and mostly bad. "I work with children?" Really??), and the villain was...underwhelming.

However, the characters themselves were relatively enjoyable. Conflicted by equal parts cinematic greatness and a complete and total cluster-(**BLEEEEP**), you felt compelled to work through your feelings by writing them down.

Here, allow our Justice League Movie Pen 2-Pack to aid you in denoting your concerns for the franchise, and your love of the 15 minutes they actually got right.

Featuring black and white illustrations of your favorite 'Justice League' characters -- including Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and...I can't quite make out the rest without tearing the packaging -- these Justice League pens feature rubbery red grippers for stable and comfortable penning.

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  • Sku: penjlm2pack
  • Color: Red
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Justice League Movie Pen 2-Pack

Lake Worth, Fl
submitted 1 year ago

These pens write very smoothly. Love them.

submitted 1 year ago

Writes well