Justice League Dark Days Black T-Shirt

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Made from 100% cotton, the Justice League Dark Days Black T-Shirt has the New 52 versions of Superman, Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and Aquaman! You might be familiar with DC Comics' New 52 where they decided to cut away a ton of previous canon for whatever reason. My guess is that they didn't want people realizing that pizza minis were actually invented by Supes and Bats. Why? I don't know...but we did get the Justice League Dark Days Black T-Shirt. I stopped asking questions after that.

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Ruby Merchant

I received the shirt several hours ago and to my astonishment the package was totally different this time,this time it was bigger so I decided to hurry and get it opened,I was on the verge of frenzy and all of the sudden, BOOM!!…. in a matter of seconds...The Justice League and the whole shebang scared the hell out of me,I promise!!Their looks seemed more aggressive than usual,I had never seen them like that before….maybe they got caught up in a wretched weather or they were under some bad mojo…Anyway,I was baffled at the time and I did not know if I was losing it or my deadline was coming....…..Thank goodness they are not the bad guys and they made me make up my mind by telling me extraordinary tales about extraordinary people who would sell these marvelous tees at a very exquisite website: SUPERHEROSTUFF.COM. They were really thorough and filled me in on that very specific website of theirs. I´ve been wondering if my mind has been playing tricks on me but sure I DO know now that the Queen of the Amazons is even hotter in person than I had always dreamt of in the first place;Her gluteus baffles description and the beauty of it is…..I WITNESSED IT WITH MY TWO ON EYES!! Squats are really worth it by all means,aren't they? but is it true that Amazons don´t need to squat?WOW!!and just WOW!!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
Ruby Merchant

I love this tee more than anything,no doubt in my mind that I´ll get this one to wear it everywhere I go and show the whole world how cool DC CHARACTERS ARE. Simply put,I´m besotted with it!! The whole tee is out of the top drawer….That Wonder Woman´s pose makes me have the hots for her,ufff,I´d need a cold shower please!!….. Clark widening his arms as if he could have the whole gang at his extent and wrap them up like a spicy burrito…… And" the Bat " giving himself away with the "usual- thwarted- frown of his and the important display he must take on"…… And to top it off it will be in my mailbox in a few weeks coz the plunge has already been taken!!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.