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New Era Cap Display Tower

New Era Cap Display Tower

$150.00 Reg.$333.00
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Are you an avid collector of hats or perhaps you have your own business that dabbles in hats? Then you might be interesting in our official New Era Cap Display Tower! These are perfect for showing off any kind of impressive array whether for business or pleasure.

People will know you aren't messing around when they gaze upon the metal New Era Cap Display Tower. They'll know that they stand before a true fan of head-based gear. Hopefully something like the New Era Cap Display Tower helps bring feathers-in-the-hat back. Oh, and cloaks!

Size - 62.75"h x 14"w x 24.125"d 160cm x 36cm x 61cm

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Reviews of New Era Cap Display Tower

Dan Evans
submitted 1 month ago

An awesome product! Expensive to get it shipped but worth every penny in my opinion!

submitted 3 years ago

Think the stock photo looks cool? Well, I must confess it's a tonne cooler in person as this thing is made from 2 solid pieces of powder-coated steel along with 3 priceless display boxes (which are slightly more rectangular than shown) and 8 slant wall trays for interchange versatility. Packaged in an extremely well protected parcel that will leave your folks thinking a new refrigerator has arrived, this display tower is a must have for retailers and collectors alike!