Random DC Comic Book Binge Pack

Random DC Comic Book Binge Pack

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So you want to grab some back issues of comic books and you happen to be a super big DC Comics fan...and you are a huge fan of crazy random things and 'spooky action at a distance'! I think even Einstein would appreciate the Random DC Comic Book Binge Pack...I'm sure he would have been super into Batman! So what do you get in this great selection of comics? I'm not entirely sure but you will be getting DC Comics' stuff! That's the only thing I'm allowed to know. What's in these things is way above my pay-grade! This is a great way to get a good smattering of comics for both the newbie and the hardcore collector! 

What is a Sampler?

-It's 3 comic books that are completely random!

What is a Binge?
-It's 10 completely random comic books!

3 Random Comic Books

10 Random Comic Books

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Reviews of Random DC Comic Book Binge Pack

Central city
submitted 6 months ago

Pretty cool selection of titles some I never seen and some familiar characters

Sparland Illinois
submitted 10 months ago

I recieved 10 comics and they were all awesome. Alot of older ones but newer ones as well.

Los Angeles, CA
submitted 1 year ago

I got a very good selection of random older comics, good reading for the price!

Jack Nelson
Santa Monica, CA
submitted 1 year ago

10 random DC Comics. I would have liked more familiar comics but thats the risk you take with a "random comic pack" I'm looking forward to reading these and ordering more!

Omar Gomet
Fremont, CA
submitted 1 year ago

Great selection

Long Island, NY
submitted 1 year ago

I got a nice assortment of comics, they come packaged VERY nicely, almost didn't want to open them. Was cool to get some comics i hadn't totally heard of.