Loki Costume Hair Bow Tie

Loki Costume Hair Bow Tie

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The Loki Costume Hair Bow Tie is a versatile bow-tie that is sure to earn the affection of Tom Hiddleston...or a certain Trickster God. That might be one in the same but I'll let you make such calls. They will all be kneeling before you before long with the 4.5'' wide Loki Costume Hair Bow Tie! That helmet in the certain just commands respect.

Great for looking fancy while retaining the command of Asgardians, the Loki Costume Hair Bow Tie is one of those bow-ties you need to use while you secretly manipulate your brother into thinking you are dead so you can later claim the throne and send him off on a wild goose chase. Gotta set up Thor 3 somehow, right?

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  • Sku: bowlokicost
  • Color: Green
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Loki Costume Hair Bow Tie

submitted 6 months ago

So cute and it goes well with the Her Universe Loki dress.

Elysium Holmes
221B Baker Street
submitted 1 year ago

So pretty and well made!! I wear this at work everyday!!!