Loki Helmet Pewter Keychain

Loki Helmet Pewter Keychain
Loki Helmet Pewter Keychain- Close Up
Loki Helmet Pewter Keychain- Back View
Loki Helmet Pewter Keychain
Loki Helmet Pewter KeychainLoki Helmet Pewter Keychain- Close UpLoki Helmet Pewter Keychain- Back ViewLoki Helmet Pewter Keychain

Loki Helmet Pewter Keychain

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The 3 inch tall Loki Helmet Pewter Keychain is the Keychain of Mischief and Lies...just like the Asgardian God it is based on, Loki! This sturdy keychain is made in the likeness of Loki's iconic helmet, which should help you demand crowds to kneel before you. Just practice your speech giving skills before hand! Hey, you never know...the Loki Helmet Pewter Keychain could be fighting the Void keychain and end up getting reincarnated as a street urchin.

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  • Sku: keylokihlmpew
  • Color: Silver
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Loki Helmet Pewter Keychain

Key chain is a bit large, but looks great!

Laura, Loki Lover
Leicester, UK

Well, what to say about this? It's a keyring in the shape of Loki's helmet and it's made of pewter, exactly as the item name says. It's quite a substantially sized keyring and I haven't used it for my keys as it would add some real weight to my already heavy bunch and I'm a little worried the horns might get caught in a pocket, but I've got it on display alongside an Avengers insignia keyring on my shelf and it looks very good. Pewter always looks more expensive than it is in my opinion. The chain and split ring a pretty substantial, too, so no worries about it falling off the keys if you did decide to use it as it's supposed to be used and there's a handy clip, too.


It is a very very cool keychain but I recommend squeezing the ring that attaches it to the key ring because mine came off because it slipped through the skinny part of the keyring. Luckily, we noticed it before I actually lost Loki. But a quick fix and it has been perfect!

Denver, CO

A little bigger than I expected, and it sometimes gets caught on things in my purse, but I love it. Somewhat sharp edges on the helmet but I kind of like that - I definitely have an impromptu weapon if somebody attacks me in the parking lot. :)

Meg, Undercover agent of Loki's army.

I just love this keyring. I've been looking for an awesome Loki helmet for ages and now I have one. thank you.