$10.49 Reg.$12.99
Power Man Pint Glass
Power Man Pint Glass - Reverse View
Power Man Pint GlassPower Man Pint Glass - Reverse View

Power Man Pint Glass

$10.49 Reg.$12.99
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A Pint! In a rare freak incident that is hard to believe... young Luke Cage, who was part of the Bloods gang, was sent to prison by the feds for a crime he did not commit. Can you imagine?? He then underwent an experimental procedure that gave him titanium-hard skin along with superhuman strength. Cleared of his crime, he became a Power Man, a Hero for Hire! However, Cage never took money for doing the right thing, but Marvel never did get around to explaining how he paid the rent and utilities, let alone food. We are still waiting to hear back from Marvel. Later, Cage formed a business partnership with Iron Fist and signed them on to do an awesome series with a coincidental cover name of "Power Man & Iron Fist". The two became one of the better-known superhero duos of the 1970s and 1980s, right after Blue Beetle and Booster Gold and McMillian and Wife as well as TJ Hooker and Heather Locklier!

"Hand Wash Only!"

Proposition 65 notice for California residents.

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Reviews of Power Man Pint Glass

Elmont NY
submitted 7 months ago

Solid!!” Love the Luke Cage glass exquisite design and detailed to the tenth power!!” Dope!”

submitted 11 months ago

My husband loves Luke Cage. Hopefully he will also love this glass!

Duckie Lady
Dallas, TX
submitted 4 years ago

Fantastic find. Every beverage tastes so much sweeter in my Power Man tumbler. Make mine Marvel indeed!