Martian Manhunter Circle Image T-Shirt
Martian Manhunter Circle Image T-Shirt- Close Up
Martian Manhunter Circle Image T-Shirt
Martian Manhunter Circle Image T-ShirtMartian Manhunter Circle Image T-Shirt- Close UpMartian Manhunter Circle Image T-Shirt

Martian Manhunter Circle Image T-Shirt

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Made from 100% Cotton, this green, slightly distressed t-shirt features an image of the Martian Manhunter, confidently posed with arms akimbo, encircled by a crazy, Kirbyesque cosmic canvas!  Martian Manhunter is the cornerstone of the Justice League with many powers similar to Superman, in addition to psionics, invisibility, shape shifting...yeah, he can most definitely take you AND your big brother!  This green t-shirt is for members of the Bring Martian Manhunter Back from the Dead (Not As A Black Lantern) Because He Got One Hell of a Raw Deal in the Greatly Conceived But Poorly Executed Final Crisis Society [the B.M.M.B.D.(N.A.B.L.)B.H.G.O.H.R.D.G.C.B.P.E.F.C.S. for short]!

More Details

  • Sku: tsmmancircle
  • Color: Green-Light
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Distressed, Retro, Image

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Reviews of Martian Manhunter Circle Image T-Shirt

Andrew, DC Comics fan
Beaver Dam,WI
submitted 3 years ago

I love Martian Manhunter & This shirt is amazing. The best Martian Manhunter shirt out there.

Brick, NJ
submitted 5 years ago

Great Shirt! I'd like to see more Silver Age heroes done in the Silver Age style! How about one of the Metal Men?

Hamilton, New Zealand
submitted 5 years ago

The shirt is very good quality and the colours are good and the print has stayed on which is good. The shirt material is thick and cosy.

submitted 6 years ago

real good

Chicago, IL
submitted 6 years ago

A friend was so taken with the shirt he wanted one of his own. Poor Martian Manhunter, he was never decently developed----

Sydney Australia
submitted 6 years ago

For those who know the mysterious Martian Manhunter - edgy cool shirt that never fails to get comments at the comic book store.

submitted 6 years ago

Good product - ordered a small for 9 y/o daughter - wished there could have been a kid's size - but she will grow into it.