Marvel Classic Cover Mosaic Back Pack
Marvel Classic Cover Mosaic Back Pack - Side View
Marvel Classic Cover Mosaic Back Pack - Back View
Marvel Classic Cover Mosaic Back Pack - Open View
Marvel Classic Cover Mosaic Back PackMarvel Classic Cover Mosaic Back Pack - Side ViewMarvel Classic Cover Mosaic Back Pack - Back ViewMarvel Classic Cover Mosaic Back Pack - Open View

Marvel Classic Cover Mosaic Back Pack

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Basics first on this Marvel Classic Cover Mosaic Back Pack that measures approximately 16 inches high, 15 inches wide, and 5.5 inches deep, made with a mix of sturdy pvc and fabric. The backpack features padded adjustable shoulder straps, metal hardware, and multiple zipper-pockets. The backpack is decorated with a veritable history of Marvel comics, with covers from Spiderman, X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, Silver Surfer, and more. With a lot of detail, lots of pouches, pockets, and a metal Marvel Comics badge, this is the backpack for the comic fan who's tired of just carrying stuff in a paper sack.

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  • Sku: backmrvlclssic
  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Marvel Classic Cover Mosaic Back Pack

Newark, New jersey
submitted 1 year ago

I recently purchased this thinking it would be awesome to take to conventions and well....once I got it yesterday, I realize...its was pretty much made for kids. I think it is misleading and should be title, "Child's Marvel Classic Cover Mosaic Back Pack". In the process of requesting a total refund.

Amber Deardorff
New Berlin, Wisconsin
submitted 2 years ago

The backpack is so amazing! It is in way better quality than I expected and it seems very durable. This bag will definitely survive all my school years ahead. I love it and am going to definitely buy more things soon!

Seattle, WA
submitted 4 years ago

This company believes in customer service, their return and refund policy is top rate and I would buy from them with confidence that they will stand behind their product.

Seattle, WA
submitted 4 years ago

We gave this to our 13 year old granddaughter for Xmas. We had to return the item twice as a result of zipper failures. (We had to return the first replacement for the same failure.) I must compliment this organization for their easy and excellent return policy. The ease in returning the items helped make up for the disappointing quality of the item.

Superherostuff.com response:

Very sorry to hear that, we will pass your feedback on to our manufacturer

The girl who's ready for anything
Ottawa, ON
submitted 5 years ago

I am known by all my friends for having everything in my backpack.* So when my various Wal-Mart backpacks weren't up to the task and I found this thing, I bought it. It came in no time at all and was huge! I could fit everything in there! And the pockets made it easy to find everything I was looking for. I don't know how, but despite it's size and how full it was (and heavy it felt when holding by handle) I didn't feel the weight when on my back - it didn't hurt my back at all like every other kind had! And it can compress super easy, if it wasn't loaded it felt like a regular sized backpack, if it had a lot it was suddenly huge but didn't feel it. And it's WATERPROOF! Well mostly, the parts with the vintage covers are PVC, so even in a downpour my precious sketchbook and books didn't get wet. I took it everywhere with me, and it survived almost two years of extreme abuse - I take the bus, worked in retail, was very careless with it, multiple seasons of weather exposure etc. But eventually the massive weight I carried around in it started becoming taxing on the straps and zippers. The bottom was wearing thin from constant throws to the ground. Duct tape is great, but eventually I had move on. It was done for. But it lasted way longer than any other ever has, under my abuse they usually choke out after a couple of months (4-9 usually) but this guy was 3 months shy of 2 years before I decided to move on - and it can still function, I was just starting back at school and wanted a new backpack... and a smaller one to try and train myself to carry less crap around. But all in all a great backpack, I still have it, just don't use it for my day to day abuse. Definitely worth the buy... And I'm glad it's still available! I'll probably buy another one once my current one is done :) *I am ready for everything. Mostly I'm just unlucky and on the go all the time so I end up needing a lot of random stuff, so I carry a lot with me. I'm able to crash at someone's place for the night - I have toothbrush, face cleanser, underwear, socks, tshirt etc. I have a phone charger, first aid kit, medicine, sweater, snacks and more... I was/am 19-20 for the use of it.

submitted 5 years ago

I bought this for my son 2 yrs ago for him for school..IN hopes that it would hold up after having like 3 backpacks destroyed in less then a 6 months.. WOW was I surprised two school years later and only the corners of the bottom are starting to wear threw after intense abuse to it! I was soo happy when I logged back on here to find it for sale again!! S.

Ra Grimo
submitted 6 years ago

LOVE this backpack! I fit my 17" laptop in it, but can't close the Velcro latch.. Other than that its incredible. Don't use it frequently so I haven't had any wearing on it. It still looks brand new at almost 3 months old..

submitted 6 years ago

Product zipper broke in one week after wearing! Called Super Hero Stuff and emailed with no response to replace broken bag that was $80. Poor craftsmanship and customer service!

San Antonio, TX
submitted 6 years ago

I was able to fit so much. Very durable.

Denver, CO
submitted 6 years ago

I thought this back pack would be epic but as soon as I started using it, the pattern started to wear off and fade. I've had this maybe a month. :(

submitted 6 years ago

Strong, spacious, awesome to look at (inside and out) Just a little small for a 15.6 laptop....shame