I Only Date Superheroes 14oz Ceramic Mug

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I Only Date Superheroes Ceramic Mug
I Only Date Superheroes Ceramic Mug- Back View
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Here's a 14oz ceramic mug adorned with some of your favorite Marvel Comic Book Superheroes....exiting a heart and...apparently the preferred partners of whoever the hell happens to own this very mug!  So....let me get this straight.  You'll date the @#$%#$% Incredible Hulk, who just tossed your toilet 500 miles in a.... westerly direction....but not  my Uncle Rick?  You know...Rick!!?? The guy with the job and the big screen TV!!???  He usually doesn't throw toilets.  And Spiderman?  Just have your tissues ready, is all I'm saying.  Emotionally, he's pretty high maintenance.  I won't go too much into Captain America (obsessive), Thor (god-complex) or Wolverine (murderous flashbacks in bed). You'll just have to take your chances. 

More Details:

  • - Color: Blue
  • - Licensor: Marvel
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