Marvel Heroes Dog Collar
Marvel Heroes Dog Collar- Unlocked View
Marvel Heroes Dog Collar- Close Up
Marvel Heroes Dog CollarMarvel Heroes Dog Collar- Unlocked ViewMarvel Heroes Dog Collar- Close Up

Marvel Heroes Dog Collar

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HEY! Check out this unique dog collar adorned with classic images of your favorite Marvel heroes! This sturdy, resilient dog collar also features a metal, seatbelt-style buckle that detaches with press of a button. Oh, and the button happens to be adorned with the highly recognizable Marvel Comics logo! Anyway, this Marvel Comics dog collar is adjustable, available in 2 lengths and  features a thick metal ring for attaching your leash. This is a cool, high quality dog collar for fans of Marvel Comics. And dogs. Or abrasive, younger siblings.

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  • Color: Black
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Marvel Heroes Dog Collar

Los fresnos, Texas
submitted 5 years ago

Super cool collar. Fits our lil puppy 4mths shih tzu. We named him Thor. I couldn't have found a better collar for our super hero.

Washington, DC
submitted 5 years ago

I bought this one for my dog, Loki, and the Batman one for my other dog, Harvey (both are named after villains). My dogs are pugs, so the 14 in collars worked great! I don't know that I would get this collar for a dog any smaller than my two, both of whom weigh in at about 20 and 24 pounds, respectively. Because the buckle and the leash loop are all metal, it's a hefty collar. Other than that, I highly recommend this product.

Houston TX
submitted 5 years ago

I love this! I purchased one for my little man Harley, he's a large size maltipoo (so he's still kind of small...about 20 lbs.) and a large collar fit him perfectly. It looks even better in person. The only thing I wish is that spiderman was on it. It says "marvel heros" but it really should be titled "avengers" since Spiderman is missing. But over all I love it! I was worried the seatbelt buckle would be heavy on his neck but it's not bad at all. Wonderful product, highly recommend for the geeky pet lover.

Rhode Island
submitted 6 years ago

My dog is a Marvel fan and now it shows!

submitted 6 years ago

I bought this for my dog (small jack russell terrier cross) a few months ago. Despite buying the correct size, the collar was impossible to adjust in order to to fit him properly. The buckle was so heavy that it dragged down the collar down and hung uncomfortably on him. When I did manage to tighten it so that it didn't drag down so noticeably, I wasn't able to loosen it again or open the buckle. I ended up having to cut it off my dog. I had been really excited to get this for him, but I ended up being very disappointed. Not sure if mine was faulty, or if it was just poor design. It did look great on, but based on my experiences I wouldn't recommend it.

North Pole AK
submitted 6 years ago

I train my Beagles and English Springer Spaniels to run agility courses and it's common to "dress" them differently for each type of training...tracking, bird hunting, conformation and agility. I selected these collars because I love Marvel Comics and when I put these on my beagles to run an agility course they FLY around it!!! It's sturdy, the buckle is great, and if you're a Marvel Fan you have to have this collar!! Excelsior!!

Noah J. Austin, Apple/Life Nerd
London, ONT
submitted 6 years ago

We've got a little beagle puppy named Porthos, and he looks brilliant in this collar. People always notice it, and the lovely Star Trek tag we have hanging from it. Everyone knows that he belongs to nerds. We'll be back for more nerdy stuff!!