70 Years Marvel Comics Sticker

70 Years Marvel Comics Sticker

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Measuring 4" across and 5" high, this sticker celebrates 70 years of Comic Book glory from the House of Ideas, Marvel Comics!  And check out some of Marvel's more preeminent noggins joining in on all the funny-page fanaticism!  It's Captain America! it's Spiderman!  It's the Hulk!  It's Iron Man, Wolverine (because he isn't doing anything else) and the Fancy Viking?  Again with the Fancy Viking!!??  Sorry, I haven't gotten bored with that one yet.  This Marvel sticker is for you, Marvel Comic Book fan!

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Reviews of 70 Years Marvel Comics Sticker

Marshall, MN
submitted 4 years ago

With all the MARVEL stuff hitting the fan lately, this one covers it! Cool!