Marvel Convention 1975 (30 Single) T-Shirt
Marvel Convention 1975 (30 Single) T-Shirt- Close Up
Marvel Convention 1975 (30 Single) T-Shirt
Marvel Convention 1975 (30 Single) T-ShirtMarvel Convention 1975 (30 Single) T-Shirt- Close UpMarvel Convention 1975 (30 Single) T-Shirt

Marvel Convention 1975 (30 Single) T-Shirt

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The 1975 Marvel Convention wasn't really a convention, it was more like a family reunion. All of the flagship Marvel characters were there; they had potato sack races, apple bobbing, macaroni pictures, a soap box derby, one of those cool moon-bounce pits, a bake sale, a blood drive, and a sacrifice of Nicholas Cage in a giant wicker man. Wait, I'm not entirely sure about that last part. I think that was a really bad movie I once saw, but it could have happened..it could have happened. The picture on this 100% cotton, 30 single(mega soft) t-shirt was really hard to take. You know how impossible it is to get Iron Man, the Hulk, the Human Torch, Wolverine, the Thing, Captain America, Spiderman, and Thor to get close and say cheese? I would not envy the photographer, unless it was Nightcrawler. That guy could make a killing in the paparazzi business.

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  • Sku: tsmarvel1975
  • Color: Heather Red
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: Marvel
  • Style Attributes: Distressed, 30Single, Retro, Image

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Reviews of Marvel Convention 1975 (30 Single) T-Shirt

Paul, member of the merry marvel marching sociey and foom
London, UK
submitted 5 years ago

it could only be better if it said 1974, the year I was born, but then 1975 means I could have gone to the first ever Marvel Convention, when I was 1, which is something I would have definitely done if i'd been born in NYC rather than London, great t-shirt really nice colour, perfect comfy fit, what are you waiting for? buy one now!

submitted 6 years ago

Fits perfectly and it's one of a kind. Haven't seen one before and i will probably never will. A must for every marvel fan.

submitted 6 years ago

This is one of the coolest t's I have found....great art, some awesome characters, and a cool event. I mean it features classic Power Man alongside some more well-known characters, as well as the "nose" version of Iron Man. What's not to love? As always, i love the 30 single t for fit and feel as well.