Marvel Heroes Snapshot Youth T-Shirt

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Ah, the Marvel family reunion. They used to allow alcohol to be brought, but that kind of got thrown out the window with everybody else when the Hulk had to make a crack about the Thing's girlfriend. As you can see on this great 100% cotton Marvel Heroes Snapshot Youth T-Shirt, the Hulk and the Thing still have a bit of bad blood between the two of them...which is sad when you have some cuties like the Invisible Woman and Black Widow around. Behave, boys! Also, what is up with the Punisher always showing up with firearms? Does that guy ever 'shut off'? Such violence from a guy claiming it has nothing to do with vengeance! Some of the X-Men showed up, but those guys will always pop up in anything Marvel related...rather persistent if you ask me! Thor, Spider Man, Dr. Strange, Dare Devil, and the rest of the crew feel the hostility, mainly because some people didn't bring a food dish like they were supposed to. Super heroes are just like the rest of us! I'm sure there are at least a couple characters on this Marvel Heroes Snapshot Youth T-Shirt that your little rugrat enjoys. It'll also teach them the importance of normal relationships!

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