Marvel Hero Group Panel Chain Wallet

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Here's a tri-fold wallet made from 100% synthetic leather, featuring a a grid of full color panels filled with your favorite Marvel Comic Book heroes!  There's Captain America, Spiderman, the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man and Wolverine!  Iron Man and Wolverine sure are swell!  I mean, they each have a snap punched into their illustrated craniums. Their tolerance must be absolutely...... heroic!  Ahem. 

Measuring 3.25" across and 4.5" when closed, this Marvel wallet features those aforementioned snaps for closure and a metal, removable, 14" chain ending with a synth-leather band.  Measuring 9" across when open this wallet also reveals multiple pockets for multiple things and....stuff.

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Edmonton Canada

I was expecting a wallet that was partially leather what we received was a plastic kids wallet with a weak chain. My son still loves it but the portion with the Marvel Comics piece is plastic and the snap is not strong. He added another chain and clasp as to not lose his gift. response:

Thanks for the feedback. We do mention in the description that it's made from 100% synthetic leather and not real leather.