Big Nightwing Symbol Keychain

Big Nightwing Symbol Keychain

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What is big, has a Nightwing symbol, and is a keychain?  Why, it's the Big Nightwing Symbol Keychain, of course! Featuring a big Nightwing symbol in keychain form, the metal Big Nightwing Symbol Keychain is all you will ever need to show your love of DC's sidekick-gone-lone-wolf on your keys. I know I still have keys to my old apartment on my key ring, you think Nightwing has Batmobile keys on his? I think it stands to logic that he very well could. Anyway, whether a Batmobile, a Nightbird, or an El Camino, the Big Nightwing Symbol Keychain is a great place to put your keys.

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  • Sku: keychnwsymbg
  • Color: Blue
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Big Nightwing Symbol Keychain

St. Louis, MO
submitted 3 years ago

After having this on my keychain for a month, almost all the blue paint has worn off. It still looks neat just solid silver, but it would look better blue. I may attempt to repaint and seal this myself.