Nightwing Symbol Decal

Nightwing Symbol Decal

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You use to be really into Batman when you were younger. You wanted to follow him around everywhere and let everything you possibly could. However, after a few years you no longer were content to be in his shadow...just like the 5.5 inch wide by 3.75 inch high Nightwing Symbol Decal! That makes sense, right? Now you can let everybody know how much you like Batman, you just aren't Batman...but you could be. You could be. Perfect for car windows, laptops, tablets, notebooks, and binders!

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  • Sku: stkrnwsym
  • Color: Blue
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Nightwing Symbol Decal

submitted 4 years ago

I bought two of these stickers and I love 'em. They're a pretty good size. FYI: the sticker DOES NOT have a light blue outline. The blue bird has a transparent outline. The light blue that you see in the picture is actually part of the "packaging." (When you peel the sticker off, that whole area is light blue). I was slightly disappointed by this but, regardless, the sticker is awesome.