Nightwing Bludhaven Men's T-Shirt
Nightwing Bludhaven Men's T-Shirt- Close Up
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Nightwing Bludhaven Men's T-ShirtNightwing Bludhaven Men's T-Shirt- Close UpSize Chart

Nightwing Bludhaven Men's T-Shirt

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Batman has trained quite a few Robins over the years but none are as famous as the very first, Dick Grayson! He was the original Boy Wonder but you know what? You can't be a boy for your entire life so he eventually struck out on his own and got the 100% cotton Nightwing Bludhaven Men's T-Shirt! You would think the crime fighting would come first but nah, it was actually this t-shirt. Don't bother fact checking me either! 

What might you be able to do with this Nightwing t-shirt? Will you be able to effortlessly soar through the air like an acrobat? Will you instantly learn how to use those crazy-fighting sticks? There's so many answers but you'll only know if you get this great t-shirt! 

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  • Sku: tsnwbludhaven
  • Color: Black
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Image

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100% wingnut fan
San Antonio Texas
submitted 1 year ago

Love the colors and design