Nightwing Eskrima Assault T-Shirt

Nightwing Eskrima Assault T-Shirt- Close Up
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Nightwing Eskrima Assault T-Shirt
Nightwing Eskrima Assault T-Shirt- Close UpSize Chart

Nightwing Eskrima Assault T-Shirt

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This Nightwing Eskrima Assault T-Shirt gives us Batman's ex-partner ready for action, not muy-thai crackin', not jujitsu graplin', not modus operandi trackin' (all of which he can handle, after all, when the Batman teaches you, you get taught.), but eskrima assaulting. Eskrima, for those (including me) who aren't sure, is a Filipino fighting style with a focus on stick fighting (mister knowledge, will you play?), so Nightwing's got his sticks out and is poised for crime busting / head busting / crime-head busting...well, something's getting busted. The t-shirt is also 100%, 100% cotton, to assault your torso with quality.

More Details

  • Sku: tsntwngeskrma
  • Color: Blue
  • Sleeve Type: Short sleeve
  • Licensor: DC
  • Style Attributes: Image

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Reviews of Nightwing Eskrima Assault T-Shirt

DC Canadian fangirl
Ontario, Canada
submitted 2 years ago

Excellent product quality, fast shipping, happy customer who will purchase from SuperHeroStuff again!!!

ruby Merchant
submitted 3 years ago

Astonishing..demolishing and shocking can only define this pic about the "ready for the fray Nightwing";no more no less .Nightwing´s on the hunt for felonies and the pose of his has no other determination whatsoever,leather tight…buttoned up…..head up…..so far so good. Once headed on and full purpose in mind mission accomplished by all means.That´s always been his M.O in the first place and he never seems to let anybody down in that,don´t cha think?This is WHY this tee is one of my favorites too!! Huge pic for a huge superhero.This tee Is REALLY WORTH IT WITHOUT A DOUBT!!

submitted 5 years ago

It just faded EXTREMELY quickly, and after two trips through the laundry it's almost completely faded. Sad. Be sure to dry yours inside out or something. Still a good shirt though.

Houston Area
submitted 5 years ago

It's a SHIRT! I really would have preferred the pose from Nightwing #1 (Scott McDaniel), but this was close enough. I've gotten a couple of compliments.