Super Mario Power Star Lanyard with PVC Charm


Super Mario Power Star Lanyard with PVC Charm


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In real life, there are no Power Stars.

And you could certainly use one, considering caffeine is a poor, unhealthy substitute.

Just think -- with a Power Star, you could conceivably run faster than a jaguar, lift half an elephant (the heavier half), and jump higher than a goal post. 

Unfortunately, this is NOT the world of SUPER MARIO Bros. -- the closest you're getting to an actual Power Star is the Power-Star-adorned Super Mario Power Star Lanyard with PVC Charm.

With a clear ID slot, rubbery charm, and a collectible sticker, this Super Mario lanyard -- based on the hit Nintendo game series -- surpasses all other lanyards in the following wonderful ways:

  • A long, adjustable band measuring roughly 19" from top to metal clip.

  • Said band features a slathering of illustrated Power Stars and legendary Super Mario characters.

  • A metal, push-button clip for easy clipping!

  • A clear plastic ID sleeve holding a collectible sticker.

  • A soft, rubbery, and dangling Power Star charm-thing.

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