Nintendo Mario Bros.Coveralls Women's Wallet


Nintendo Mario Bros.Coveralls Women's Wallet


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According to you, Mario's button-fastened, red and blue coveralls are "adorbs." (Translation: "adorable")

And you're right. Mario's primary-colored plumber-wear, fastened with those delicious yellow buttons, is an aesthetic that should slather every conceivable piece of merchandise for the perfect Nintendo-based wardrobe -- accessories included. 

The Nintendo Mario Bros. Coveralls Women's Wallet wears that nostalgic aesthetic proudly, buttons and all. Let's dive in, shall we?

The Exterior!

BEHOLD the red upper flap adorned with Mario's embroidered "M" logo, resting between stitched, blue 'straps' simulating coverall straps complete with plastic, yellow buttons. The red flap snaps to a blue interior, which also sports a red-trimmed pocket.

What's Inside? Not a set of wrenches, but very wide, especially deep pockets, and 2 vertical columns filled with stitched slots for convenient credit card carrying/hording!

More Very Important Features About Your New Mario Bros. Wallet!

  • Measures 6.5" across and 3.5" high (closed).
  • Measures 10" across and 3.5" high (open).
  • Yellow, plastic buttons measuring 1.25" across.
  • Completely devoid of the scent of raw sewage, this Nintendo wallet is made from a blend of polyester and polyurethane (faux leather)!

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