Cerebus Prime Minister of Iest Pin

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Politics are rough, man. You may get into them with the best of intentions but you'll always come out scarred, bitter, and hated in the public mind. Take good ol' Cerebus the Aardvark. In the land of Iest, politics were ugly and and highly stratified. Cerebus, with his warrior like nature, quickly cut through the quagmire of doublespeak to he himself becoming Prime Minister of 'High Society' of Iest. For a brief second, Cerebus was a savior and a true hero. Of course we can't abide by that, now can we? He later got involved in several excursions of conquest to lose everything he had freed. Oh well easy come, easy go! To celebrate the whirlwind political career of Cerebus, you can place this pin ever so gently on that fancy suit of yours! Those little flags on jackets is so overplayed.

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