Punisher Spyder Performance Sports Boxer Briefs 3-Pair Pack


Punisher Spyder Performance Sports Boxer Briefs 3-Pair Pack


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Say goodbye to your Tidy Whities guys.

Sure, the Punisher has various fighting skills that help him feel confident, but underneath all that bulletproof body armor is another reason that goes unseen by most. Having your undies bunch up in the middle of a fight with an old CIA buddy is about the worst thing that can happen.

That’s why the Marvel heroes all suit up with their personalized Spyder Performance Boxer Briefs. The city is a whole lot safer when Frank Castle isn’t fixing his junk every ten seconds. Now you can experience the confidence and comfort the Punisher feels with this awesome Punisher Spyder Performance Sports Boxer Briefs 3 Pack. These epic boxer briefs are so sporty, they’ll have you thinking you’re going commando.

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  • Punisher
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  • Clothing & Apparel,
  • Underwear & Lingerie,
  • Boxer Shorts
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