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Do you often dream about firearms? What about interesting and stealthy techniques for dispatching foes and criminals? Do you fantasize about ways to interrogate people? Do you have an affinity for skull symbolism? Do you often shuck the conventional hero standard of 'no killing'? Do you have a deep and unrelenting love of kittens? If so, you are probably a fan of Marvel's Frank Castle...aka The Punisher! Can you guess what does? He punishes! Crazy, I know.

Created in 1974 by Gerry Conway and John Romita Senior, the Punisher proved a relative oddball during his creation. His first appearance was in an issue of Spider-Man where he was hunting the beloved Wall-Crawler! Why? Probably because Frank Castle was tricked into thinking Peter Parker was a criminal! Better not jay-walk or engage in parkour in front of him or you might take an RPG to the chest...just watch that last Punisher movie!

Featured heavily in both comics, cartoons, shows, and movies, the Punisher/Frank Castle have been portrayed by Dolph Lundgren, Thomas Jane, Ray Stevenson, and Jon Berthal. Often shown with an amazing capacity for violence and an almost immovable morale center, the Punisher is willing to kill criminals with his extensive military training and impressive array of firearms. He often targets street level criminals but has bumped heads with the likes of Kingpin and other Marvel criminal masterminds. Unfortunately, he never quite gets a shot off on them but woe on their guards! I don't think any of them are making it home. He's also super into kittens and cat-rescues too...but that's just in my mind and upcoming Punisher series. Hey, all of that violence needs a counter balance somewhere and we can all admit that kittens just rock! You'd read that comic book, right? RIGHT?

Ahem. It was for that reason(and the kitty meows meows) that we have designed the super cool Punisher HeroBox! These hand-picked mystery gift boxes are entirely dedicated to the Punisher. None of those broad terms other companies use; you get a Punisher HeroBox and that's what you are going to get...tons and tons of Punisher goodies! What might you get in the Punisher HeroBox? How about a t-shirt! Not just that though...there is so much more. You might get a plushie, buttons, magnets, lanyards, glasses, mugs, beanies, POP Fun Funko figures, ammunition, or a kitten! Actually, there are no kittens in the Punisher HeroBox. The Postal Service gets angry with us for that. Just rest assured knowing that you can get a heavily discounted Punisher HeroBox jam packed with all things Frank Castle!

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