Punisher Heather Charcoal Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt


Punisher Heather Charcoal Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt



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Punishing is sweaty business.

Yes, going toe-to-toe against Daredevil for sixteen hours and stalking/gunning down various crime cartels in 36-hour shifts produces an inordinate amount of perspiration.

Thankfully, Frank Castle reached out to a military buddy that specializes in flexible battle-wear for especially demanding theaters of conflict.

Frank dialed the number on a burner phone, and the Punisher Heather Charcoal Men's Long Sleeve T-Shirt showed up at the PO Box 15-minutes later.

Made from 100% polyester, this long-sleeve athletic Punisher shirt for men features a sizable skull symbol overlaying a heathered material simulating gun smoke.

This stretchy, athletic material is also moderately moisture wicking, so perspiration won't collect, soak, or smell.

If you're looking for Punisher sportswear that allows absolute freedom of movement while setting up booby traps across several miles of thorny brush, I recommend this particular torso sleeve.

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