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Red Hood Let the Punishment Fit Men's Pajama Pants



Red Hood Let the Punishment Fit Men's Pajama Pants


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He was killed by The Joker, resurrected by reality-altering punches, and dipped into a psychosis-inducing Lazarous Pit.

Folks, I dare anyone to experience these very same traumatic events and NOT transform into an incredibly angry, violently vengeful ex-ex-sidekick.

Yes, Jason Todd, aka Robin II, aka The Red Hood, had a rough go of it. Basically, he became the poster boy for horrendous comic book deaths and chronic emotional torture.

Thankfully -- and unfortunately -- Jason was able to harness his post-resurrection rage and become The Red Hood -- an especially violent vigilante who dealt the same level of brutality expressed by hardened criminals.

Basically, if you're busted by one of Batman's inner circle, pray for a sound beating from Batgirl and not the gun-wielding, point-blank finality of Jason Todd.

Our Red Hood Let the Punishment Fit Men's Pajama Pants celebrates Red Hood's decisive crime-fighting with a soft black pair of lounge pants providing absolute comfort during extended rooftop confrontations.

Sporting a solid red, Red Hood symbol, the left pant leg (your left) features a vertical Red Hood logo braced by the following white text:

"Let the Punishment Fit the Crime"

If someone beats you with a crowbar and lashes you to a timebomb, they deserve an equally murderous reprisal.

More reasons why your brand-new Red Hood lounge pants are simply the coolest:

  • Cozy! Very, very cozy.
  • Features a soft, elastic waistband secured with drawstring tie.
  • A button-down fly.
  • Spacious pockets!

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Reviews of Red Hood Let the Punishment Fit Men's Pajama Pants

5.0 (Based on 4 reviews)
Vancouver, BC

Well made, brought a big smile to the recipient. Thank you!

Submitted 1 year ago
Rockville, MD

Love these! Must have for any Red Hood fan.

Submitted 1 year ago
Sand Springs, OK

very comfortable and fits nicely. has been washed/air dried several times- the text has yet to fade

Submitted 1 year ago
Rockville, MD

Best Red Hood clothing item I've ever gotten. Image/text are well placed and the pants are comfy.

Submitted 1 year ago