Red Hood Arkham Knight Men's T-Shirt

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Being Jason Todd is hard. When they first introduced him, nobody liked him. He was some jerk from the streets that Batman caught trying to steal his tires from the Batmobile! Then DC Comics decides to hold a hotline to determine your fate and well...let's just say it ended in a crowbar and a death that lasted a decade or two. A few Superboy ret-punches later and BAM! We have the Red Hood Arkham Knight Men's T-Shirt!

Based on the version from the hit video game franchise, the 100% cotton Red Hood Arkham Knight Men's T-Shirt has Jason Todd ready to fight the Arkham Knight...which is actually really kind of weird and may end up in a 'Fight Club' like scenario.

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Ruby Merchant.

This tee takes the palm!!I have never been this fan of Jason but this depiction convinced me otherwise,it made me change my mind completely and I kinda love the character as never done before,believe me:The defying pose of his,boldness at full throttle,tough-thug looking that can make wet your pants....the"little everything" in fact. I looked into the old archives to dig up into red hood´s past and BANG!!Wouldn´t mess with a guy like that but OH YEAH,once you´ve dealt with he makes sure you are gone with the wind. IT COULD NOT BE ANY COOLER!!!

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.