Resident Evil Raccoon City Survivor T-Shirt
Resident Evil Raccoon City Survivor T-Shirt-Close Up
Resident Evil Raccoon City Survivor T-ShirtResident Evil Raccoon City Survivor T-Shirt-Close Up
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Zombies, man. Do you really want to mess with them? You know they keep coming too. Sometimes they are slow and a bit lethargic, and other times they are like a crack-addicted badger who hasn't eaten in 3 weeks. It is the latter that is just a tad bit scarier, but those slow moving shambles of flesh can quickly overrun you...'specially if you are reloading. Lord knows how many times I screamed like a little baby when one of those baddies started chomping on my neck. Damn zombie didn't even buy me a drink first! I'm not that kind of video gamer, k? At least I made it through all of the Resident Evils, and I truly am a survivor(though I may have had to continue at least once). You may find yourself a bit sweaty from all of that running in absolute terror, so when you stop you want something that this 100% cotton t-shirt claiming that you are a survivor of the fabled Raccoon City incident. It's ok, we won't tell anybody you were hiding in the sewers when the bombs started dropping. We don't want to rob you of your heroics!

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Resident Evil Raccoon City Survivor T-Shirt


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