Reverse Flash Symbol Seatbelt Belt


Reverse Flash Symbol Seatbelt Belt


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Flash's equally speedy opposite number.

Eobard Thawne, aka The Reverse Flash, is a son of a (**BLEEEEP**).

As a psychotic scientist ("Speed Force professor") from the future obsessed with The Flash, he duplicated Barry's powers, traveled through time to meet Barry, went slightly mad due to said time traveling, and decided to torture his former idol.

And by "torturing," I mean "traveling back in time to kill Barry's mother." Yep, he's a real son of a (**BLEEEEP**). 

Our Reverse Flash Symbol Seatbelt Belt reflects Eobard's "Reverse Flash" aesthetic with a bright yellow band layered with red and black "anti-Flash" symbols.

This Reverse Flash belt is an actual seatbelt complete with seatbelt buckle with push-button release and adjustable, elastic waistband.

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