Batman 66 Riddler Riddle Me This Green T-Shirt

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The 100% cotton Batman 66 Riddler Riddle Me This Green T-Shirt has good ol' Frank Gorshin showing off how much he loved being the Riddler. If I was him, I probably would have legally changed my name to 'The Riddler' and then just stay in character...all of the time. That's probably why nobody trusts me with anything come to think of it. Any-who, the Batman 66 Riddler Riddle Me This Green T-Shirt is a semi-distressed shirt displaying Frank, a ton of question marks, and his favorite phrase! Hooray!

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  • Color:Green
  • Sleeve Type:Short sleeve
  • Licensor:DC
  • Style Attributes:Distressed, Retro, Image
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Scotland, UK

My friend is a Riddler fan, and is also a fan of classic memorabilia. The 66 Classis Riddler T-shirt was a perfect Christmas present for him. As soon as he opened his gift, he immediately messaged me to let me know that he absolutely loved the shirt and it was a perfect gift. As soon as it came in the mail and I opened it, I immediately thought "I should have bought 2 and kept one for myself!"

Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.