Robin Symbol Stud Earrings

Robin Symbol Stud Earrings

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You'll be at least a step closer to becoming part of the Dynamic Duo with the .5 inch wide Robin Symbol Stud Earrings! Now you just need to figure out how to join the circus, learn acrobatics, or be named 'Burt Ward'. Once you get all of that complete you'll be throwing people anti-shark spray in no time! It all starts with the Robin Symbol Stud Earrings. Yeah!

We cannot accept exchanges and refunds on body piercings. That stuff was in your body! Ewww!

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  • Sku: earringrobstud
  • Color: Yellow
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Robin Symbol Stud Earrings

submitted 3 years ago

I order stuff from this site all the time and have never been disappointed. As someone with sensitive ears, I'm pretty finicky when it comes to earrings, but these are great. I bought the Batman and Superman earrings a while ago as well. It's fun to mix and match for a World's Finest theme. Now I can rock the Dynamic Duo, too. Great product!

BOB, Superhero Fan
Denver, Co.
submitted 3 years ago

Robin Earrings look great with my Robin New Era DC cap and Robin shirt bought from SUPERHERO STUFF .COM