Shazam Pop Heroes Vinyl Figure

Shazam Pop Heroes Vinyl Figure

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SHAZAM! Seriously, I love that phrase. I can never get enough of it. It just resonates all sorts of power,, you know? Say it with me now...SHAZAM! Yes, very good! Now, I don't want to be considered an enabler, but check out this 4 inch tall Shazam Pop Heroes Vinyl Figure! Now you'll constantly feel the need to yell it out all the time. I bet you don't need much motivation already, but this adorable little guy will protect your Rock of Eternity...or desk. Whatever comes first.

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  • Sku: actfigshazpopvnyl
  • Licensor: DC

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Reviews of Shazam Pop Heroes Vinyl Figure

Knoxville, TN
submitted 5 years ago

finally some love for the big red cheese!