SHIELD Agent Coulson Pop Bobblehead

SHIELD Agent Coulson Pop Bobblehead

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Oh hey! Remember that guy who died in Avengers? Whelp, you can cherish him forever with this SHIELD Agent Coulson Pop Bobblehead! Oh wait... he didn't really die? He was brought back for Marvel's Agents of Shield? I suspect it's because the ladies dig Clark Gregg. I mean, they even put his face on the name badge of the Bobblehead. Clearly it's cause he's a ladies man. Just think, if you buy this SHIELD Agent Coulson Pop Bobblehead he only stands 4 inches tall so you can carry him around in your pocket. 

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  • Sku: toyclsnbb
  • Color: Blue
  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of SHIELD Agent Coulson Pop Bobblehead

Maria Be
Guayaquil, EC
submitted 3 years ago

Perfect for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fans and for Marvel stuff collectors.

Loki's Lady
Ontario, Canada
submitted 3 years ago

I adore my Agent Coulson Pop Vinyl! It arrived quicker than expected and in perfect condition. Phil is perfectly painted and every single detail is spot on! Great quality for the price.