Silver Surfer Star Rider Belt Buckle With Belt

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Norrin Radd was from an idyllic planet, where its people and technology were considered one of the most ancient. This kind of left the rest of his species as lazy and content, while young Radd wanted to search the skies, and go boldly where nobody has gone before! This sounds familiar. It was then that Norrin Radd encountered the space glutton known as Galactus who traverses known space looking for a White Castle, which in this case refers to planets. Mini-cheeseburgers have a lot in common with planets from what I can infer. Galactus had some bad methane planet, and now he has the cosmic munchies, maaaaaan. Anyways, Norrin Radd made a Faustian deal with Galactus to become his herald, but only if Galactus leaves his planet alone and so the Silver Surfer was borne! The Silver Surfer Star Rider Belt Buckle With Belt features a 4 inch wide by 2.75 inch tall, metallic Silver Surfer buckle with a polyurethane belt. Fits Large to X-Large, and the belt length is around 47 inches. That's what we like to call a combo pack! I think they have those at White Castle....

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