Silver Surfer Clear Pint Glass (Front)
Silver Surfer Clear Pint Glass (Back)
Silver Surfer Clear Pint Glass (Front)Silver Surfer Clear Pint Glass (Back)

Silver Surfer Clear Pint Glass

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Holy CRAP!!!!!  It's the Silver Surfer and he's leaving that sally-pants Watcher, Uatu, in the friggen' cosmic dust!  And yep, it's all happening on a clear Pint Glass!  Witness this calamitous cosmic camaraderie between 2 super-beings as one tries hard not to get involved, and the other tries hard to forget his involvement!  ZA-FRIGGEN'-WING!  Here's the Silver Surfer propelling himself at such speeds that his future and past selves are phasing in and out of existence, both asking to borrow a few bucks for the parking meter. " Back to your job at Space-Walmart, Past-Self, and back to sulking in front of Galactus again, Future-Me!!!!!"

"Hand Wash Only!"

Proposition 65 notice for California residents.

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  • Licensor: Marvel

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Reviews of Silver Surfer Clear Pint Glass

Big $
submitted 4 years ago

I got it for my Dad as a present, whom I live with, and it's great. You know, it is what it is, a sturdy and thick walled glass drinking cup, normal size, maybe a tad bit bigger than regular? I don't know, it's a normal glass probably around 12oz, I haven't poured a whole bottled beer into it to see if there's still a finger or two left meaning it's 14 oz, but I've poured cans of soda in it with ice cubes and it pretty much filled to the same point with the same amount left in the can as always, and would've fit the whole can of soda if that wouldn't have defeated the purpose... Just buy this if you're interested, it's cool. You'll regret not getting it later on.

Shillington PA
submitted 6 years ago

I love this pint glass. I use it everyday.

Super Brain
Philly, PA
submitted 6 years ago

I have a bunch of the glasses you guys carry but this one is my favorite. Mainly because I love the Surfer! I have had this glass on my desk for over a year and it still looks just as good as it did on the day I bought it!