Simpsons Duff Beer Pint Glass

Simpsons Duff Beer Pint Glass

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Here's a clear, 16oz pint glass adorned with the likeness of the Duff Beer can; a preferred, low cost beverage consumed regularly by one Homer Simpson!  Homer Simpson is part of the eclectic cast of characters populating the hit cartoon series watched by 36 trillion people worldwide, the Simpsons!  Yep.  And in the Simpsons...Homer spends a great deal of that 23 minute time slot...drinking. And eating, but mostly drinking. How about you?  You like...drinking?  I'm talking about milk, now.  Yeah?  You're...a drinker?  Got that milk mustache thing going on? Yeah? You like the Simpsons too, right?  Hmm...I think we may have something here for you.  Let me ponder this a bit.

"Hand Wash Only!"

Proposition 65 notice for California residents.

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